About Us

Payless Webs Inc. is a parent company of Toronto Media Group. We are a professional SEO, Alexa Rank and Web Marketing Team, located in Toronto, Canada! Our experts have more than 6 years experience and successfully helped thousands of websites with all happy customers. We offer Global Alexa Rank Boost Service upto 5K, USA Regional Alexa rank service, Web traffic, APP Design, Backlinks, Link Pyramids, Link Wheels, Custom SEO Packages, other kinds of SEO Packages, GEO SEO Packages, Guaranteed Google First Page and etc. All our services are white hat and 100% safe and Google friendly. 

Every website needs a little bit of help when it comes to marketing and reaching a wider audience on the internet. We provide all the outstanding facilities to websites who want to reach a huge following and this following can be gained by bringing attention of the traffic on the internet with some of our innovative techniques.

Our company has one mission and one purpose which is, “Whatever your website needs, you can find it here!” One of the main products that we offer to fellow websites is the technique of Search Engine Optimization. Most websites forget that SEO is important and actually the first step towards bringing huge flow of traffic. With the help of SEO, we can help you in putting up relevant content on your website which will only make it convenient for your target market to find you and reach you. Without SEO, your website is just another website on the internet that does not get enough visits to justify its existence. With our SEO techniques we will make sure that you website climbs the Google search engine rankings and get ranked on the first page of Google eventually.

We also offer the service of generating high quality backlinks. Backlinks are a great way of making the website look like a legitimate one and the one that is useful to the viewers. We have specialized techniques of generating high quality backlinks where we make sure that backlinks are only posted on websites that are relevant and are popular. In this way the websites of our clients will receive backlinks of their own which will further drive the traffic towards the website and improve its ranking and position on the search engines.

We offer our clients with a complete package of products that include domain sales and video optimization as well. Moreover, we also specialize in web designing; web marketing and logo designing that are handled only by our highly qualified experts who have experience of more than seven years in the field.

We as a company currently hold an experience of more than seven years in the business and have helped out not only hundreds but thousands of other websites in improving their image on the internet by getting a huge fan following. We ensure you that all our past clients have been satisfied with our services and are currently happy with the results. The use of legitimate techniques to improve traffic inflow further improve our position as a service provider and our expertise with the latest Panda, Penguin and Hummingbirds ensure that all of our practices are safe and up to the market standards.